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This book was published based on a journal written by high school principal Rick Lasley during his final year of a 32-year tenure in public education. Glimmer of Hope (Book 2), chronicles the spring semester 2022 journal entries and follows Humanity in Peril (Book 1, published May 2022), which is based on the fall semester 2021 journal. Education is in dire straits while teachers are working through the pandemic with student apathy at an all-time high, student misbehavior on the rise, concerns with mental health/emotional well-being reaching unprecedented manifestation, and the decrease in certified candidates for teaching approaching never seen before vacancies. Glimmer of Hope focuses more on the positive aspects that still remain, giving hope for the future of education. It also represents the rallying call to communities, parents of school-aged children, legislators, district administrators, principals, and teachers for what each group can do to help bring the appeal and respect that it so profoundly deserves BACK to education. This advice given by Rick Lasley, retired HS principal, can only lead to more respect given to education and more certified teacher applicants in the pipeline over the next five to ten years…

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