Highway Odyssey

Traveling to, or Running From

by Alexander Flint


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How One Man’s Road Trip Uncovered His True Identity


It started with a man, his seven-year-old son, and their custom van. Their task was simple: drive from New York to Colorado, keeping an eye out for adventure. But unbeknownst to Alexander Flint, that first summer in 1978 would start a tradition that lasted for more than two decades—and brought him to a whole new understanding of his own identity and the world around him. Highway Odyssey is Flint’s chronicle of those remarkable road trips, filled with the unique characters, significant sights and important moments along the way. It’s treacherous at times, as when father and son backpack across the snowfields of the Grand Tetons, climbing over a closed mountain pass on to Hurricane Pass and down into the Alaskan Basin. The trek made Flint’s son eligible for a Guinness record, and brought them closer than ever. And in the end, what was supposed to be a short visit with old friends turned into an understanding of Flint’s role and responsibility as a single parent struggling with the failure of his marriage. The ultimate road trip novel, Highway Odyssey is about the healing power of travel and the unyielding strength of family bonds. And it is about discovering what really matters in life and making sure we tell the ones we love how important they are.


About the Author

Alexander Flint

Alexander Flint is a native New Yorker and retired New York City high school teacher. He is also a retired military officer, having served in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War. His previous books are The Frozen Dozen (Rutledge Books, 2002) and Stress Survival (Xlibris, 2006). Flint edited his father’s memoirs, The Way It Was: From Second Avenue to Staten Island (Xlibris, 2005). The father of five children and six grandchildren, Flint lives on Staten Island, New York, and Hollywood Beach, Florida.

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