Along the Way

A collection of sixteen short stories

by Harvey Pool


Book Details

An old man discovers a renewed zest for life. A famous movie director reaches back half a century in hopes of reconciling with his first love. Two middle-¬aged accountants try to recapture their youth during a pick up basketball game. A couple’s car trip to a wedding reveals their troubled relationship. A dog commiserates with his master’s romantic dilemma. A husband remembers a long ago affair. A landlord struggles to understand the murder of a favorite tenant. An ominous start of a marriage is ignored. A college friend’s early promise is never fulfilled. These and other stories of intimate experience and universal insight.


About the Author

Harvey Pool

Harvey Pool was born and raised on the north side of Chicago. He attended elementary and high school in that city and graduated from the University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign. For many years, he owned and operated advertising agencies, radio stations and fine art galleries. Mr. Pool has lived in Chicago and Los Angeles. He currently resides in Chicago with his wife, Susan.