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Consecrated remains summon up the voice of redemption!

Complexity of human relations continue the sequel: Harbingers of Spring and Harbingers of Summer. In this saga, on a beautiful autumn morning, Jack Newsum, an attorney, meets Autumn Asbury, a stunningly beautiful, anthropologist during a homegrown terrorist attack on the Metrorail system of Washington, D.C., when Jack heroically guides her to safety. Autumn is a newly wed, married into a prominent family where her father-in-law, Herbert Lord is an esteemed funeral director. His failing health ignites a firestorm amongst the siblings. Just when Autumn begins championing her independence, her husband, Cal, needs her to quit her job and help with the family business. When eerie happenings start to take place on the funeral home premises, Autumn stumbles upon a hauntingly obscene discovery of unlawful desecrations of remains piled high in a garage, and under weeping willow trees. Regina, her sister-in-law, appointed by her father to carry on the business, faced off against Autumn’s highly charged antics leading to psychological warfare. Her marriage quickly goes on the brink. Autumn believes there is a threat against her life. Regina tries to hide secrets by setting a fire, resulting in agonizing consequences. Redeemable steps do remain high, and then it is too late. Their last days would be remembered when terrorist cells from abroad send the entire Eastern seaboard into chaos, leading, Cal, his wife and sister to an unsuitable resting place.


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Geraldine Claire

Geraldine Claire is the author of the Harbingers series. She is also a playwright, songwriter, and the author of an original musical play (Greener Grass) set for workshop production. Her current work includes a children’s book (A Family Still, United Nations), which includes her music and lyrics of the same title, a screenplay (Shields of Honor), and an original musical (One Last Go Round). She is artistic director and founder of DeRyan Theatre Workshop in Montgomery County, Maryland where she resides.

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