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Get-even plots reverberate throughout where no one is spared!

When commercial actress Christi Newsom takes an early morning shuttle flight from Washington, DC to New York, she reminisces about the events of her 20th wedding anniversary celebration that took place the day before and what might have sparked her attorney husband, Jack, to become a suspect in a brutal murder when someone falsely calls in the license number of his red BMW that sped away from the scene. Christi has a best friend, Mimi Acta, an artist, whose only child, Bryant, died after a car crash. The car was driven by his drunken father. Mimi embraced her friend's intervention and incisive understanding. She found strength to overcome the emotional current that led to her languid obscurity. But a few years later, her imperative need to maintain wholeness is compromised when she is brutally raped, and subsequently, rejected by her husband, Alfredo. She resurfaces after some counseling stronger than ever and is determined to put her marriage behind her after she sets out to save her friend, Christi, from self-destruction when get-even sex years earlier threatens her idyllic marriage.


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Alfredo was unable to support his wife during her ordeal, for reasons only he could understand. It was apparent that the unspeakable act just hours earlier was too great a mountainous load for Alfredo. It permeated every cell in his body to such a degree that he looked at his wife as if she once was as pristine as the morning air, but had become a polluted, unacquainted, and horrible place. He physically backed up into a corner of the room as if the mere strain had rendered him a lame animal where his noble kingdom had been compromised, and he had become unable to restore it. If not for the artificial smile that painfully emerged, one could only deduce that he had faded into oblivion, leaving Mimi lost to the indignity of his selfishness as well as her darkness and tides of unbearable pain, which had gone unnoticed by her once knight in shining armor.


About the Author

Geraldine Claire

Geraldine Claire, playwright and songwriter is the author of an original musical play (Greener Grass) set for workshop production. Her current work includes a children's book (A Family Still, United Nations), which includes her music and lyrics of the same title, a screenplay (Shields of Honor) and an original musical (One Last Go Round). She is artistic director and founder of DeRyan Theatre Workshop in Montgomery County, Maryland where she resides.

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