Guardian of the Dragons

A Mage Is Born

by Gary and Isabel Walbourne


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Guardian of the Dragons A Mage Is Born

Magic is passed down in the family bloodline, and although anyone with magic is known as a witch or wizard, only the most powerful are known as a mage. A boy is orphaned as three powerful mages take over his parents’ castle. His aunt and uncle raise him as their own on a farm nestled beside hills that are blanketed by woods. A powerful mage and Druid Priest is his great-grandfather who foretells the baby's destiny to someday be a powerful mage, too. To prepare for this future, Garig needs to learn the necessities of life. Little does he know he is being trained for his own future to be prepared for a destiny of a feud already waiting for him. Garig learns about his magic and the family’s dragon, but why won’t it protect him from a school bully?


About the Author

Gary and Isabel Walbourne

Having loved fantasy, dragons, and magic for so long, our family and friends encouraged us to finally write our own books. We love traveling, music, and cruising, and reading on our vacations, but our home base is in Colton/San Bernardino, California. Read the first chapter for free on the book's website:

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Guardian of the Dragons