A Handbook for Growing Teenage Girls

by Laurenda Salandy



A Handbook for Growing Teenage Girls

by Laurenda Salandy

Published Jan 18, 2008
152 Pages
Genre: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Life Stages / Teenagers


Book Details

Helpful Advice for all Teenage Girls

Far Above Rubies: A Handbook for Growing Girls” written by Laurenda Salandy, is a comprehensive guide designed for girls as they mature into adulthood. Inspired by the birth and maturation, of her own daughter, Mrs. Salandy has crafted an insightful and thorough offering which provides sage advice for girls on a myriad of specifically feminine topics. The topics discussed range from female hygiene issues to proper selection of clothes, and makeup to how to approach and evaluate relationships with boys. The portion of the book that is most compelling concerns self-esteem. Far too often, life altering poorly made decisions are the product of a girl’s lack of self-esteem which can lead to a vast array of difficulties. Many times girls embrace the paths of promiscuity or drug abuse in a misguided attempt to find something to make them feel better about themselves. In this section of the book, Mrs. Salandy effectively conveys crucial information to help girls understand the importance of maintaining a moral standing in life and coming to know their own value.

Composed in a conversational and instructive narrative, the text flows at a brisk tempo, which should maintain the readers interest throughout. The information is presented in a well-organized fashion and in language that is easy to comprehend.

Mrs. Salandy’s ability to communicate with maturing girls on a level they can relate and appreciate enhances the appeal of this book.

Having taught for the past twenty years, and after gaining first hand, experience by doing workshops and seminars with teenagers and women, Mrs. Salandy’s passion for the topic is evident, and should resonate among her target audience.


Book Excerpt

A handbook for teenage girls. Everything they need to know on any topic from puberty to marriage. All teenage girls want acceptance, They want to know that there is somewhere or something they can turn for the answers they need about various important issues in their lives. In the midst of peer pressure and other challenges teenagers face on a daily basis, this book is intended to help them when it comes to decision making, so that they do not compromise their values. Many teens and adults as well, will compromise their values or just do things to be accepted, even though they know it is wrong. For most teenage girls, the need for acceptance, and love is a major issue that forces them to become sexually involved at an early age. Far Above Rubies is a book for every teenage girl who wishes to become a virtuous woman. It's easy! It's attainable! It is recommended that girls read this book along with an adult female or guardian for the proper guidance on these topics. God bless you as you read and develop into the type of woman that He has created you to be.
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Dear Girls,

Are you lady- like always? Are you soft and kind? Do you walk with charm and grace? Are your manners sweet? Are you always seen and not heard? Do you have problems relating to boys?

Many girls have issues with some of these things. Some girls just have it naturally.

Well if you were dreading becoming a woman, this book has come just in time to help you. It covers everything a girl needs to know on becoming a woman. Not just any woman, but a woman of worth, and value.

More than anything else it will enable you to live a holy and productive life in everything that you do. Follow the guidelines given, and help other girls as well, as you go along, by what you will learn.



About the Author

Laurenda Salandy

Laurenda Salandy is a mother of two teenagers, who runs workshops for teenagers and women at churches and other organizations. She holds a Bachelor's degree in education, which she obtained from The University of The West Indies, and has been a teacher for the past twenty years. She is a good mentor to teenagers, and women and has a passion for helping them to achieve their highest potential. She lives in the Caribbean twin island state of Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies. A go-getter by nature, Laurenda stops at nothing until she has achieved her goals. FAR ABOVE RUBIES is the first of Laurenda's writing pursuits, but she is working on other books, all mostly geared towards teens' and womens' development. Her brand new book A VIRTUOUS WOMAN is now available at www.outskirtspress.com/avirtuouswoman and in August, SEX AND THE GODLY WOMAN will be available.

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