A Virtuous Woman

A profile of the Proverbs 31 woman

by Laurenda Salandy


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Top Secret Tips Unveiled Within!

A Virtuous Woman is a book written by Laurenda Salandy that encapsulates everything that the Proverbs 31 woman is all about. The characteristics of the ideal woman described here is what every woman, young or old aspires to be.

Today many women lead very complicated lives running from household duties to their full-time careers and still have to find time to enjoy a social life and take care of their husbands etc. For some it is hard to strike a balance in all areas.

The book is written and addressed to single women, married women, both young and old, whether they be housewives or working mothers, and aspiring wives and mothers wishing to live a happy, fulfilled life.

To the women who have had no positive female role models in their lives, this book can be helpful in assisting them to attain the necessary qualities that will make them into the women that God intended for them to be.

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Book Excerpt

The book of Proverbs significantly ends with the sketch of the perfect wife. She is described as a Virtuous wife. The advice to young men is to marry such a woman. But the question that is asked, “Who can find a virtuous woman?” suggests to me that while no one is perfect, there may be such a woman out there. It suggests that becoming such a woman is attainable and should be the goal of every woman. This type of woman is not easy to find. She is precious, rare. Did you know that diamonds are more expensive than rubies, but rubies are more valuable. This is probably why the comparison to rubies, the more valuable stone, is made. This book offers many practical tips that will help you. It encourages you to put a price on yourself, especially if you do not have a husband as yet. In fact it is better if you are not married as yet, for you now have ample time to develop into this type of woman. When you choose a husband, he will have to match that, if he wants you. That’s the price he will have to pay. Men are free to window-shop, but only if they can pay your price, they should be allowed to buy. That is how highly you must think of yourself. Know your value and hold on to it. When God’s word is inside of you, you will know just how a man should treat you and you will demand that treatment, no matter what. This book offers many practical tips and exercises to help you to become the type of woman God wants you to be. Some chapters offer exercises to help you to understand fully what is required of you. It is addressed to single women and married women. A ruby is a symbol of love, passion and power. After reading this book, you should have gained a little of each. Love for yourself as a woman, and for everyone that comes in your path during this life, Passion for life and for living, and Power to accomplish anything you want in life, no matter what obstacles or challenges you may encounter along the way. God Bless You, as you study this book, and please pass it on to other women, who you think may need it as well.

About the Author:
Laurenda Salandy is mother, mentor and friend to many women, young and old. She lives in the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago with her husband and two teeange children. She is a teacher by profession but has been ardently pursuing her writing career. She is in charge of the Women's and Youth Ministries of her church. She has a passion to see women achieve their goals and reach their highest potential. This book, A VIRTUOUS WOMAN encapsulates all that she teaches. She is also the author of FAR ABOVE RUBIES - A handbook for teenage girls.


About the Author

Laurenda Salandy

Laurenda Salandy is a woman with a heart for all women, young and old. A mother of two and one who has been through many of life's toughest experiences now counsels other women, and helps them along the right path. A Virtuous Woman is the second in a series of recent pursuits, with work progressing quickly on the follow-up. Her next book SEX AND THE GODLY WOMAN comes out in July, 2008

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