Family Tree: Seven Generations

A Five-Act Play

by Michael Heintz


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We must, in every deliberation, consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.

Great law of the Iroquois Confederacy

Michael Heintz' contemporary play tracks the consequences of one man's actions through seven turbulent generations, culminating in present day America. The script brings together characters of all ages from varied cultures for a captivating journey that boldly explores family relationships, personal values and existential questions.

Family Tree: Seven Generations is a fast-paced adventure full of unexpected twists and turns conveyed through lively, engaging dialogue. The multi-layered drama will intrigue and satisfy both players and audiences with its imaginative subject-matter and colorful personalities.

At the end, readers and spectators may well wonder what happened in their own family tree, seven generations ago: What has brought us the conditions and decisions we face today, as individuals, as communities, and as nations?

A fascinating tale for anyone who enjoys out-of-the-box situations and ideas...

"Inspired, stimulating, heroes and villains, with a diversity of voices.
Significant moments in a family history."

Sandy Smith, author and drama teacher
Sebastopol, California

"An absorbing story of metamorphosis."

Else Gottgens, master teacher and pedagogical consultant
Eindhoven, Netherlands


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Michael Heintz

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