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Becoming Loved

by Jay Fernandez


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They Will Know Us By Our Love ...

The Bible says that they (non-Christians) would know us by our love one for another, yet if you look at the church today, we fall short more times than not. Learning to love God’s people the way He loves them starts with an understanding of how He views us. We need to become loved so we can love others.


About the Author

Jay Fernandez

Jay Fernandez is an author who shares his understanding of God’s grace and how it applies to each of our lives. Jay is the founder of Daddy’s Heart International, a ministry dedicated to bringing the love of the Father to people and countries that have been deemed to difficult to work in. Jay works professionally supporting the elimination of homelessness. On his own time he has been a missionary, pastor, speaker and is a father to his own kids and has been blessed to be able to speak into many other lives..

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