Grace Walk

Learning To Rest In God's Love

by Jay Fernandez


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There Is No Condemnation For Those In Christ Jesus

Life’s most difficult lessons are often painful. They require sacrifice and cannot be learnt alone. This testimony offers a unique insight into one man’s journey with his Creator. From the mission fields of Islamic Africa to the corporate structures of America, Jay Fernandez has seen God at work in many contexts. And his role within the church has taken many forms. He has served as a lay pastor, worship leader, youth leader and elder. For a time, Jay was happily married and earned in excess of $100 000 annually. Suddenly, and with little warning, his world came crashing down around him. Through his vices and circumstances out of his control he was brought to his knees, and by the grace of God alone he was lifted up once more. Clearly God’s plan for Jay’s life was more radical than he could have dreamed, and he found his purpose in the rebuilding of battle-torn South Sudan. This stunning testimony seeks to share God’s message of love and forgiveness with all who are willing to seek Him out. It is about the greatest gift anyone could receive, a gift that is available to us all at any time or place, and yet a gift which so many of us fail to see.


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Excerpt From: Victory Over Addictions

You are left with a choice here: You can focus on overcoming your struggles and try to muscle your way through it, or you can let go and let God worry about it for you. If you are willing to hand it over, then remember to leave it with Him and seek God and His righteousness. The cool thing with God is if you seek Him, you WILL find Him and all the other junk of your life will fall into place. After a time, you may find yourself like I did: surprised to notice that you don’t notice any more.


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Jay Fernandez

Jay Fernandez has served as a missionary, lay pastor, worship leader, youth leader and elder. He currently lives in South Sudan, where he helps provide relief to those whose lives have been torn apart by thirty years of civil war. Jay also co-pastors a church of expatriates. He has two daughters,two sons, and blessed with many who call him Dad, all of whom he maintains close relationships.

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