Entrepreneurism Under Attack

The Left Has No Calluses

by Terry L. Mather


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Are you frustrated by the continual bombardment of the media, politicians, educators and far left radicals on false and self-serving philosophies?

Each man, women, and child in the U.S. has been subjected to a biased, untruthful view of our country, Christianity, capitalism, and our American dreams. So what is the rest of the story? The balanced debate is a total loss to this society. Watch the Sunday television news programs and see if the commentator is fair and objective. Look at the ubiquitous headlines in the newspaper that pound the conservative but play gentle on the liberal. Or the uninformed and uncalloused hands of a college professor who holds students in a secured crucible, dangling their rhetoric with the whip of a grade at the conclusion of the day.

The balance to the left’s unchallenged rhetoric can be found in Entrepreneurism Under Attack, written by an average entrepreneur who has traveled this country’s capitalist road, with all of its ups and downs, that spits out real-life experiences and factual truths. The reader will be challenged and enlightened, and grow in the ability to understand a different logical philosophy. This is another method of reinforcing your beliefs, a presentation of facts to debate the liberal left, and a challenge to think for the unbeliever.


About the Author

Terry L. Mather

Terry Mather was raised on a dairy farm in upstate New York. Post-college, Mather taught and coached at a small high school in Rochester, New York, and later became the head wrestling coach at the University of Notre Dame. Then he transitioned to corporate America, fulfilling his desire to see and experience the world. Mather’s next life phase led to ownership in a performance consultant group, a retail business, and a manufacturing company. He is still active and involved in the journey. Mather is also the author of Pot Holes and Sign Posts and Thy Kingdom Come Through the Generations.

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