Dreams, On a Dream Coloring

The Kids are Home and Coloring Too

by Robert Allen Maxwell


Book Details

“We are such stuff as dreams are made of.” —William Shakespeare, The Tempest

There’s something about a dream that fascinates all of us, adults and children alike. Robert Maxwell has created this coloring book as a delightful and gentle reminder of all the things we dream of: of pirates of the sea, fireflies, past lives, and great things still to be. Page by page, the author imaginatively prompts young artists to draw and color all manner of things, just as they create the marvelous images of their own dreams. Children will love it. You will love it.


About the Author

Robert Allen Maxwell

Robert Maxwell is a small town, long term student of life. He is also the author of Mom’s Best and Mom’s Thanksgiving and Christmas Best, both compilations of the Maxwell family’s best recipes. The books are works of love for both family and for good old fashioned cooking. Maxwell has also published another children’s book, A Life’s Work.

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