A Life's Work, the Kids are Home

Better Take Care of Them

by Robert Maxwell


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What, oh what do parents do?

"From recess until noon, they take care of you with lunch or money to get you through, even when you're home with the flu."

A Life's Work (Kids) is a delightful and gentle reminder of all the things parents do for their children on a daily basis. Written for kids, fun for parents, A Life's Work appeals to all.


Book Excerpt

friends are new to them the ones you brought home from school,the frog the bird ,the squirrel.


About the Author

Robert Maxwell

ROBERT MAXWELL is a small-town, long-term student of life. He is also the author of Mom’s Best Recipes and Mom’s Thanksgiving and Christmas Best, featuring the Maxwell family’s best recipes. Both books are works of love, for both family and good old-fashioned home cooking.

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