Beyond the Frost

Visual and Poetic Works of an Outsider

by Doris Mae Kyllo


Book Details

Doris Mae Kyllo is 90 years old. She lives in Ellensburg, Washington. This is only a small collection representing thousands of her paint- ings and poetry from nearly a century (1925-2015) of inspiration and observation.

Many have written poetry, as an artful expression, playful rhyme, romantic sonnet or whimsical exploration of life’s deeper meaning. Doris Mae Kyllo has accomplished all of these through her recollections over the course of 90 years. Inspired during countless miles of walking, encounters with nature, reflection on lives long gone or a collision course with what was into what is, her poems and prose number in the thousands and counting. They flow from her soul in a continuous stream that is unstoppable. Doris interprets life through a unique lens of gritty reality that’s been softened by years and a passion to find beauty where ugliness threatens to destroy all semblance of it. Family legends trace this love of words to relations with Robert Frost. However, the only proof lies in the evidence of her insatiable appetite to paint pictures with words.


About the Author

Doris Mae Kyllo

Doris never considered herself an artist. Yet, paintings that accompany her written work say otherwise. Her creative verbal expressions find a wonderful outcome visually as well. Water color and Acrylics are Doris’s medium of choice. She is an Outsider Artist in the truest sense of the definition, with no formal but with a verve for two-dimensional art that is skillfully poignant. Her private work has been exhibited at galleries in Ellensburg, Washington along with execution of numerous private commissions. Kyllo may or may not have traceable ancestry to the famous New England Poet as family oral history claims but clearly a kindred spirit has found a home in hers as she writes beyond the Frost.

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