Today, Tomorrow and Always

by Axelle Hakizimana


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Dear Diary, My best friend Stacey is not talking to me. It all started when Mr. Sherman said that we had to do an interview with a partner. A few days later, we went to my house and did the interview on me. Stacey asked me heaps of questions, then asked “Who is your best friend?,” and I said Kami and she was angry that I did not say her, so she stormed off. I know we are not friends anymore. She will never talk to me again; but I cannot believe that just because I said that, she was angry. You can have loads of best friends if you want. Casey is a typical thirteen-year-old girl growing up in a small city in Ireland. In this delightful new book, we follow Casey as she deals with the usual teenage issues—school, friendship drama, and problems at home. But when tragedy strikes, Casey’s life will be changed Today, Tomorrow and Always.


About the Author

Axelle Hakizimana

About the Author: Axelle Hakizimana is twelve years old. She grew up in Ennis/Co. Clare, Ireland. She enjoys reading fiction, likes school, and has many friends. Today, Tomorrow and Always is her first book, and she has more in the works.

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