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Who was Jenny? How can a ship’s name bring shame to an entire town?

Gale Merryweather was unlucky. Even her name spelled trouble. G-a-l-e (like a violent winter storm), but that was last year. This year things had changed. This year Gale was lucky. She was lucky to be on vacation with her best friend Melanie and Melanie’s family. Two weeks at the beach and nothing to do but relax and explore. But as luck would have it; it often doesn’t stay with one person very long. Gale’s luck is about to run out, and she soon will become involved in the life story of a young girl that she has never met. A girl named Jenny.

Melanie has a plan. What else is there to do at the beach on summer vacation, but to look for buried treasure? Melanie plans to use the metal detector she received for her birthday to find a pirate’s treasure. However, Melanie’s plans quickly change when she and Gale meet an old sea captain who also spends his days looking for treasure. “There’s no treasure on this beach, but there is something strange about the house you’re staying in. The house of Simon Gray. Strange things happen in that house.” Will Gale’s luck change back for the better? Does Melanie find her treasure? And how does the legend of the Witch of Wellfleet help Gale solve the mystery of A Ship Named Jenny?


About the Author

Kenneth Ashton

Kenneth Ashton is a retired middle school teacher. He has spent thirty-five years as a classroom teacher with children ages eleven through thirteen. He holds a master’s degree in education and became interested in mystery when he recognized the eagerness of his students to read this genre. He was also successful as a director of many student theatrical productions throughout his tenure. Cape Cod, Massachusetts, has always been a favorite vacation spot for him and his wife, Gale. Now, presently living on Cape Cod, many of the ideas for A Ship Named Jenny came from his actual encounters with people and locations they have visited. Many of the events in this story have come from his wife’s childhood memories. Gale Merryweather’s mysteries are somewhat based on real-life events. “I can often remember telling my wife. Someday I just may write a book about all these memories. If you have enjoyed reading A Ship Named Jenny, you will also like Gale Merryweather’s first mystery, Gale’s Gold Ring.

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