Art of Deception

Conspiracies Vol. 1

by Bruce K. Hansen


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Sulky’s Law: “All historical records are incomplete and are therefore untruthful. They are lies of omission and political expediency.” – Sulkean Van

At the age of sixty, Cambodian multi-millionaire Sulkean Van realizes that he has one last mission from his past to complete. His drive to accumulate wealth had the benefit of keeping the past out of his mind, but with his goals now accomplished—he has time to reflect. At the edges of his past, his memories and regrets creep in, but he isn’t ready to confront them. Determined to outrun the past, he starts a new interest to occupy his energies: he will solve the hundred-year-old mystery of the Tunguska Event, the 1908 fifteen-megaton explosion over Siberia. Was it a natural or technological event? But as he begins to pull at the threads of a tapestry of deception, his research has the unintentional consequence of unraveling the dark secrets of his own past.


About the Author

Bruce K. Hansen

With a background in the military and a passion for its history, Bruce K. Hansen has keen insight into the culture and mindset of the professional warrior. Bruce has spent time as a small business owner, a motivational speaker, business consultant, Realtor, and investor. He has a strong connection with the people of Cambodia, their culture, their history, and their genocide of the 1970s, and the many tragic stories surrounding it. Married to a Cambodian Khmer Rouge “Killing Fields” survivor, he knows the stories of her struggles and has spent time in Cambodia with her. A graduate of the University of Washington, Hansen’s love of writing and telling stories has spanned decades.

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