All the Shah's Men

by Gail Rose Thompson


Book Details

A narrative about the world of Show Jumping in Iran during the “Golden Years” of the Shah.

This is a book written by a woman who lived in Iran during the “Golden Years” of 1972 to 1976. Because she worked for the Imperial Court training horses at His Majesty’s Imperial Stables she met many high officials and International visitors. She had a very close association with the Secretary-General of the Imperial Court for whom she worked directly. Through these channels she learned a great deal of the inside information about the regime of His Imperial Majesty Mohamad Reza Pahlavi, Shahanshah of Iran. In the book she depicts her life working with the Shah’s horses and riders during the height of Iran’s modern day development.


Book Excerpt

A jolt awoke me! I could see the captain was busy talking into his microphone and both pilots were adjusting levers and buttons. The navigator was working on something at his table. My ears were popping and in a few minutes the good veterinary doctor appeared up the ladder from the back. I could see that Robin was none too steady on his feet.


About the Author

Gail Rose Thompson

GAIL THOMPSON has been involved with horses all her life. She grew up in Ontario, Canada where she taught riders and trained horses from a young age. She is the daughter of Brigadier W. Denis Whitaker DSO & Bar, CM, ED, Ld’H, World War II hero, who was Chairman of the Canadian Equestrian Team when it won the Olympic Gold for Show Jumping in 1968. She worked for The Shah’s Imperial Court training the Iranian Show Jumping team in the 1970’s. She lives in Richmond Virginia and Ocala Florida. She has an interest in her daughter Sulu Rose Reed’s Grand Prix show jumpers and has race horses.

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