A Family Still, United Nations

by Geraldine Claire


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From sea to shining sea!

A Family Still, United Nations is set in the form of poems and triumphs over hills and valleys to the Peaceful Mountain. The storybook is based upon catastrophes and epic poverty created by whirlwind storms; earthquakes; tsunamis; the birth of warfare; children who live under a bridge in Brazil; and September 11, 2001—which changed our world forever. Then there was Hurricane Katrina, (August 29, 2005) and the Haiti earthquake, (January 12, 2010). The battles for hearts and minds are left behind, as the children retreat to a special place and time. The Peaceful Mountain, a new world of freedom, awaits the children among nations who dare to be transported by airborne cranes carrying their triumphant spirits through waves of time. A young man’s bigger-than-life birthday wish was realized when he awoke from a spectacular dream where his quest for humanity, human dignity and human freedoms could spread from sea to shining sea the world over.


About the Author

Geraldine Claire

Author-songwriter Geraldine Claire is the author of the Harbingers series. A Family Still, United Nations includes her music and lyrics of the same title. She is also a playwright and author of an original musical play Greener Grass, a screenplay Shields of Honor, and an original musical One Last Go Round. She is artistic director and founder of DeRyan Theatre Workshop in Montgomery County, Maryland, where she resides. Geraldine Claire—the children are observant as the characteristic of the world is constantly changing. Understanding that they can pose the world for a better world and never let up in the pursuit of decent humanity, makes overt revolution less likely.

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