Adventures in Mesopotamia

A Novel

by Shawki Hanna


Book Details

Thrilling Adventures in the Land of Mesopotamia

The history of civilizations is captivating, and this book will excite and stimulate the reader to want to know more about the early beginnings and culture of ancient Mesopotamia. Mighty kings and kingdoms ruled this land and evidence of their empires is still buried in the sands awaiting discovery. Join Rex Harper, a young archeologist, and his companions, Ronda and Nader, as they embark on an incredible journey of exploration, excitement and adventure in this mesmerizing land of ancient Assyria and Babylon. They are traveling in a time of war, and encounter everything from robbers and kidnappers to quicksand and raging rivers. Visit the tombs of prophets like Ezekiel and the ruins of ancient civilizations including Nineveh and Babylon, as well as seeing the mighty Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. This book is a work of fiction mixed with some historical facts and actual geographical locations. It portrays graphically the trio’s adventures in a thrilling and suspenseful fashion, with unexpected and electrifying events and unpredictable outcomes at every turn in the experiences of these highly believable and engaging characters. The reader will be irresistibly drawn into the lives of the adventurers as they experience the history and cultures of modern and ancient Mesopotamia, and face exhilarating dangers and surprising challenges in their travels. Following the characters in the story on their breathtaking journey of exploration will both excite and entertain the reader.


About the Author

Shawki Hanna

The author is an educator and an engineer, who has in-depth knowledge of the history, geography and culture of Mesopotamia. He has always had a vivid imagination, and has used that talent to stimulate interest in this ancient land. The author has also written Planet Earth Under Divine Judgment and Romance Through Faith.

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