Romance Through Faith

A Novel

by Shawki Hanna


Book Details

Love — Faith’s Unexpected Results

Everyone, young and old, has the dream of the perfect love — a dream of finding a true soulmate with whom to share life. Young people often have romantic thoughts crowding out the more mundane as they think about their future and long for a true love to appear in their lives. In this day and age, pure, true romance leading to that kind of love is rare. Society has become permissive, and many young people have found bitter disappointment, regret and guilt in their relationships. Broken homes and increased divorce rates have brought much heartache. The values stemming from faith in God have become almost non-existent. It is these values of true love, commitment, patience, self-control, and trust in God and His leading that can make for true happiness and long-lasting relationships. This book is a work of fiction that portrays these values in a clean and wholesome way through romance, suspense, changes in lifestyle, and unpredictable outcomes in the experiences of believable characters. The reader will be irresistibly drawn into the lives of the individuals in the book as they begin new chapters, overcome difficult and sad circumstances, and make life-altering decisions. Following the characters in the story on their exciting journey of romance, love and faith will both entertain and inspire the reader.


About the Author

Shawki Hanna

The author is first an educator and then an engineer by profession, who deeply cares about young people and wants them to have satisfying, meaningful and successful lives. He has always had a vivid imagination, and has used that talent to share the values necessary for true, pure romance. The author has also written Planet Earth Under Divine Judgment.

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