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A rare element that impedes aging...

Two celestial visitors inform Derf that a rare element that impedes aging exists in his garden weeds on his West Virginia farm. They agree to provide him with unlimited wealth, good health, longevity and magnetic engines for mass producing these plants. In the process he acquires an incredible wife, and discovers mysterious caverns deep in his farm hillside. But when you have a priceless product that promises immortality it attracts unwanted attention. Can Derf sharpen his psychic tendencies enough to survive his new fortune and also protect his farm, wife and friends from local and out-worldly attacks from those who will stop at nothing to control him and his assets?


Book Excerpt

Derf hopped on his ATV and hit the green button. He touched the metal panels, tried to gently veer left, and the ATV jerked, tipping over on its side. Without a word, as Derf concentrated, it righted itself, and slowly ran through a series of maneuvers as Derf and the magnetic engine adjusted to each other. Within twenty minutes, Derf could make the ATV actually look like the engine was powering the wheels by running across the ground with the wheels lightly touching and the vehicle in neutral. Of course he also raised it up and practiced flying it around the objects in the farmyard, too. “Now let me see if I understand this,” he said as he returned to the porch, “this engine has no moving parts, so it can’t wear out. There is no fuel to consume, and anything it can be attached to will move like my ATV did.”

“That is correct,” Kedion said.

“Is it truly a perpetual motion machine?”


About the Author

F. Whitney Harrington

F. Whitney Harrington grew up in New England, near Boston, and migrated to West Virginia via Columbus and The Ohio State University where he earned his graduate degrees. Living on his 43-acre farm near the Ohio River, he keeps busy gardening, hunting, teaching Leadership studies for Mountain State University, and writing stories. His other recently published book is ‘The Shards of Athenia’.

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