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“Gripping...history and mystery in every chapter!”

Fact: Demi-goddess Sammuramat ruled Ancient Assyria from 810 to 805 BC. A brilliant woman, she expanded her dominion with understanding and divine power. Today, some scholars argue that her spirit lived in her crown, which has survived the devastation of time. Prize-winning author Andre Lasker is one of these believers, and a soul-shattering museum experience compels him to search for the Crown of Sammuramat. Others have had museum experiences identical to his, one of whom is lovely and mysterious Tana Castalia. Theirs becomes a suspicious and contentious partnership that propels them into life-threatening situations. However, danger slowly transforms their fears into a force of mutual appreciation and trust. Chief among other crown hunters is a brilliant but demented cult leader who identifies himself as Mighty Banda. Seemingly gentle, Banda’s objective is to rid the world of all who would find the crown before it becomes his. Consequently, he sees Tana and Andre as his foremost enemies, and all steps must be taken to eliminate them. Narrow escapes, violent confrontations and sacrificial rituals threaten Andre and Tana at every turn. However, love is their principal defense, and they use it wisely to escape the madness they are forced to face.


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Mel Weiser

MEL WEISER has five novels and nine produced plays to his writing credit. Also, he has been a stage director of over twenty-five major theater productions. After years of college teaching, he retired to devote all his time to writing and to Joni, his wonderful wife. He hopes you will enjoy THE CROWN OF SAMMURAMAT as much as he enjoyed writing it.

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