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Music Is the Light of Life……….
“An amazing biography...exciting...reads like a thriller.”

Like a light in darkness, the music of Giacomo Puccini continues to brighten the world long after his death. Forced into a music career, Puccini resisted every effort to shape his future. He preferred to loaf, to pursue women, and to cavort with like-minded friends. However, Fate and a determined mother had other plans for him: He was destined for greatness. Success brings exhilarating rewards, and all of them came with La Boheme, Tosca, Madame Butterfly and Turandot. But success can also bring cold disappointment and intense pain. Giacomo Puccini discovered this to be true every day of his long and fascinating career.


About the Author

Mel Weiser

Mel Weiser has been writing since he was nineteen, in the navy, and aboard an aircraft carrier. He has four published books, nine produced stage plays, and newspaper and magazine articles to his credit. He has been a stage director of over 25 professional productions in regional theaters, and once on Broadway. After years of teaching on the college level, he retired to devote all his time to writing and to his lovely wife. He hopes you will enjoy VIVA PUCCINI! and look forward to his next book, an exciting thriller titled THE CROWN OF SAMMURAMAT.

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