Embrace the Light

A woman's story through poetry to touch your heart

by Donna M. Solitario

Embrace the Light

Embrace the Light

A woman's story through poetry to touch your heart

by Donna M. Solitario

Published Dec 13, 2007
116 Pages
Genre: SELF-HELP / Motivational & Inspirational


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Poems To Touch Your Heart

"Embrace the Light" is a poetry book in verse and prose to inspire the heart, and warm the soul. It includes a myriad of poems such as: Family and relationships, adversities, spirituality, love poems, and inspirations.


Book Excerpt

My Wish I wish you love and peace To find the highest plane of serenity I wish you joy with young love and ease As you gaze into each others eyes by the sea I wish for you as you grow old Mature love to touch and hold Your heart and mind until the end of time I wish for your soul to arise to the occasion For a lifetime of happiness and celebration To feel God's love for all eternity Passing it onto all humanity My wish for you my friends, is love


About the Author

Donna M. Solitario

The author Donna M. Solitario earned a BS/ A certificate in Special Education/ A Certificate in Substance Abuse/ Donna Solitario has won several Editor's Choice awards, and has been published in six Anthology books. Her second published book is: "Coming Home To My Heart" for inner peace. Donna's third published book is: "A Poets Heart" The author writes articles for the community on issues such as: Bullying, Substance Abuse, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Parenting, The Heroin Epidemic, Elder Abuse, etc. Donna taught Special Education for over ten years. She enjoys inspiring others through her poetry. Other projects she is involved with include: Poetry Ambassador, Mentor, and tutor.


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http://thesop.org/index.php?article=1349 See Donna's new book! Coming Home To My Heart; For Inner Peace Website for new book: https://outskirtspress.com/DonnaSolitario A powerful book of Donna's life from childhood abuse, domestic violence, motivational and inspirational poems in verse and prose.

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