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If I were born for just such a time as this, then what you’re saying is that there’s a plan for my life, right?

Absolutely! Jesus said, “My plans for your life are good plans; they are not plans for disaster. My plans will give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11 Jesus said, “You are wonderfully made. I knitted all the delicate, inner parts of your body together in your mother’s womb. I watched over you as you were carefully woven in dark seclusion, and every day of your life was recorded in My book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed. You are wonderfully complex and extraordinarily precious to Me!” Psalm 139:13-17


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Carolyn Hayes

This is Carolyn Hayes’ fourth book with an important and timely message from the Holy Spirit. Carolyn Hayes retired as an elementary school teacher from the New York City Public School System in 2015. She also had the opportunity to teach in New Jersey, Washington State, and overseas at the American International School of Lagos in Nigeria, the American International School of Cairo in Egypt, and Naseem International School in Bahrain. Please visit Carolyn Hayes’ website at to view the other books the Holy Spirit has prompted her to write. About the Illustrator: Vic Guiza has extensive illustration experience and has received many awards during his 35 years as an artist. He lives happily in Mexico with his wife and two daughters.

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