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The Mighty McCords is an exciting, epic story, that journeys through the brutal streets of New York City in the early 1800's. Mike McCord, an orphaned Irish lad captivates hearts, desires and passions. Growing up, he leaves New York to fulfill his dream of owning a horse farm. Mike marries, Little Deer, a beautiful young Indian maiden. A son Samson is born. Samson carves out a legend through loneliness and hardships. He earns a well deserved reputation that leads him to a secret, peaceful haven hidden away in the mountains of Arizona.


About the Author

Kenneth E. Morris

Born June 25th, 1949, Kenneth E. Morris presently resides on the outskirts of Troy, Missouri. After graduation from Lindbergh High School, St. Louis County Missouri, and serving honorably in the US Navy during the Vietnam conflict, Kenneth retired from the Teamsters union with thirty one years of service to his credit. A devoted animal lover, Kenneth's first publication was a poem entitled Snoopy. Published in the National Library of Poetry, A Symphony of Verse. Fulfilling his desire to create a story that Kenneth wanted to touch his readers' hearts. The Mighty McCords was brought to life.

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