Cheyenne Sunny Day McLain

by Kenneth E. Morris


Book Details

Cheyenne Sunny Day McLain is an exciting epic love story that leads readers through a stroll down memory lane to times of country, Doo-Wop, Rock N Roll music and Remember When.

A lonely, broken hearted Cheyenne McLain arrives in Yort Town, Missouri, captivating hearts, desires and cultivating life-long friendships.

Trying to find direction on his pathway of life Cheyenne follows the True Light of life desperately searching for the one who holds the key to his heart.

Will Cheyenne McLain ever find joy, peace, and happiness? Find out for yourself as you travel on a journey with Cheyenne that will bring back to you your own personal memories, a journey that you will soon never forget and want to share with others.


About the Author

Kenneth E. Morris

Born June 25th, 1949, Kenneth E. Morris presently resides in Moberly, Missouri. After graduation from Lindbergh High School, St. Louis County Missouri, and serving honorably in the US Navy during the Vietnam conflict, Kenneth retired from the Teamsters union with thirty-one years of service to his credit. A devoted animal lover, Kenneth's first publication was a poem entitled Snoopy, Published in the National Library of Poetry, A Symphony of Verse. Fulfilling his desire to create a story that Kenneth wanted to touch his reader's hearts, Kenneth's first successful novel The Mighty McCords was published and brought to life. By popular demand and encouragement from his readers, the novel, Cheyenne Sunny Day McLain soon followed.

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