Kakos Prose & Poetry

by Kakos Kakos


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A Poetic Journey through Nature, Emotions, and the Ages

A remarkably expansive work of poetry, Kàkos™ Prose & Poetry is a meditation on nature, history, and the essential essence of being. Here are more than 50 poems on everything from the genius of the butterfly to the senseless loss of a small Greek village during the Second World War. Consisting of mostly free verse, Kàkos™ Prose & Poetry encourages a deeper understanding of the world around us, combined with a heightened respect for the land and the life forms that populate it.

In “Death of a Village,” the author draws upon his painful childhood in wartime Greece to memorialize the village of Vlaherna—and in the process preserves a forgotten but important piece of history. The past also provides the inspiration for “Ode to Lela Wala,” which imagines the final moments of the last indigenous sacrifice to Niagara Falls. But the book’s emotional arc also encompasses more joyful sentiments. The timeless, universal theme of love, kinship and the power of nature forms the basis for “In Quest for the Most Beautiful,” about a mother and son learning about themselves through being out in the wild. And in “My Sweet Butterfly,” the graceful insect is presented in a whole new way.

Spanning the mountains to the seas, from our shared history to the unknown future and everything in between, Kàkos™ Prose & Poetry will stick with you long after the book is closed.


About the Author

Kakos Kakos

Chris George Demopoulos, who writes under the pen name Kakós Kàkos, is a longstanding and proud resident of Southern California. A pioneer in the computer industry in the 1960s, Demopoulos later became an entrepreneur, chess player, writer, poet and philanthropist. He is married with three children, and is currently working on his next book.

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