I'll Get By

as long as I have you

by Judith Welsh


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Lives Unfold Under Lenin’s Shadow . . .

In the much-anticipated continuation of a wonderful saga, I’ll Get By brings you the next part of Mikhail’s story about his early life with the Grand Duchess Tatiana. As the pageantry and terror of the end of Russia’s Imperial family unfolds, you will witness the brutality in Tambov at the hands of the Vishnyaskovas and see Peterhof at its finest . . . while wondering who Rakhail really is. Meanwhile, it’s not just the Bolsheviks who stir up trouble. Another family member emerges and is rebuffed by Mikhail and Vlad. The family will also come to terms with the truth of what has happened to Peter. As both the horror and the chivalry of the Great War come to a close, Dmitri and Mikhail’s connection to the village of Tambov is revealed . . . and upon learning of the death of one of the Tsar’s advisors, they will travel to Moscow for the great event known as the last gathering of the Romanovs. Along with the characters you’ve grown to love, new influences come into the story . . . including an old man whose arms have a long reach through history. Vivid and compelling, this is historical fiction at its finest.


About the Author

Judith Welsh

Judith Welsh is a retired Clinical Social Worker. She and her husband live on the seacoast of New Hampshire, where they enjoy wildlife and natural beauty.

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