Harbingers of Winter

Every Season Has Its End

by Geraldine Claire


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The protracted rigor of his actions had affected many!

Picking up where Harbingers of Autumn left off, Harbingers of Winter is where the seasonal saga ends. Jack Newsum Jr. becomes obsessed with the half-sister of his brother’s fiancée, Bobby, when the brazen and beautiful Princess arrives unannounced from Thailand in the fall. When he learns that his girlfriend, Joy, who longs to be a vision in white, is pregnant, he rejects her when sexual tension that does not let up causes him to stray. At first unsure but then intrigued, Jack Jr. traveled to Thailand after his brother’s wedding upon Princess’ insistence when her father commits suicide and her mother is being held for ransom by ruthless men to an underworld of human organ exploitation associated with a black market of organ brokers. Princess’ desperation spurs him into action despite the danger that awaits him. Once he finds out about her daring trysts and faces enemies from all sides, it is too late. In the end, his parents, Christi and Jack, learn the tragic circumstances by which their son had been killed, changing the course of his family’s life forever.


About the Author

Geraldine Claire

Geraldine Claire is the author of the Harbingers series. She is also a playwright, songwriter, and the author of an original musical play (Greener Grass) set for workshop production. Her current work includes a children’s book (A Family Still, United Nations), which includes her music and lyrics of the same title, a screenplay (Shields of Honor), and an original musical (One Last Go Round). She is artistic director and founder of DeRyan Theatre Workshop in Montgomery County, Maryland where she resides.

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