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Greed Disease

Greed exercised by the rich and powerful and the behemoth corporations provides challenging obstacles for the working class of our society, growing income and wealth inequality and exacerbating worker exploitation. Even worse, it endangers our planet, threatening the life-sustaining habitat that enabled life and which is essential in sustaining life. Without corrective action, the ultimate result does not look promising for our future. For most members of our society, as we go about acquiring the essentials for living a comfortable life, doing business is not a level playing field. Dealing with the normal deception and dishonesty in advertising and marketing, and navigating the cleverness of the rentier element of society can be treacherous experiences for the powerless working-class. Kind of like swimming with sharks.


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Ted Folkert

Theodore Folkert, BA - University of Missouri at Kansas City, is an author of previous books: “Selling Your Company” 2013 and “A Business of Your Own” 2017. He maintains offices in Kansas City, Missouri and Los Angeles, California, where he resides.

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