Two Hundred Billion and Counting

by Ted Folkert


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We all leave some footprints on the planet as we live our lives – evidence of us having been here. We are not always mindful of the results of our actions and the impact they have on the ability of the planet to provide a livable environment for future generations. Like the question in the song Alfie, “Should you take more that you give, Alfie?” I guess that is a question that we should all consider as we consume the resources which are essential for human habitation, often wastefully and unnecessary, and participate for personal pleasure in activities which are harmful to the environment. Like Alfie, perhaps we take more than we give. As the population has expanded and technology has progressed over the centuries we have attained more comforts and pleasures, more things to do, more places to go, more ways to go there, more access to pleasant lifestyles and entertainment activities, and more leisure time in which to participate. Are we leaving future generations of humanity a livable environment on Planet Earth?


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Ted Folkert

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