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At its heart, Gray Sense: A mysterious silence asks what it means to belong love with confusion and fear to this world, to live in its sense of symbolizes gray to black and black to red. Emotions are contingent. It can easily transfer one to another. Emotions can impact each other. Emotions from the heart can lead the psychological abnormality, and it counts many colors. Thought can remove when the situation is the blur and unconscious. Life is beautiful and colorful but the inner depth of life is so foggy and obscure. So relax and read this book with full blank mood.


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Bidita Rahman

Born in a Capital City of Dhaka, Bangladesh, Bidita Rahman Published her first book of Poetry in the Bengali Language in 2010. She was practicing her Writing and Poetry since childhood, and she used to recite her poetry in Bangladesh National Club Poetry Association. In her present career, she is Doctoral Research Fellow in St. Johns University, New York City. She is doing her Masters of Science in Education of School building leadership in St. Johns University, specialties on Instructional Technology in Education. Her Articles appeared in various media in Bangladesh and New York City about Interfaith, Psychological disorder, Social and Ethical Struggle, Educational Management, Empowering Human Rights. She writes most about Life of the reality and Paranormal Psychosis. She used to teach the French language at Daffodil International School, Bangladesh. She loves to research and focuses writings, reading, and visual performance. She is a member of Poetry Society of America. She lives in New York. Visit the author online at

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