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Behind the “Bee”

Bidita Rahman’s New American Poetry Book, The Black Bee, details the present moment’s story with ancient inner moment conflicts and intersects with thought and sense. When the idea comes from invited emotions and indicates your Wake-up Call, you are a diverse human being. The thought clarity mentions the mastery of Bidita Rahman’s sense and word to explore with the formal expertise. The thrilling journey with the transformation of the essence and expression is bilingual. The Bee is a restless poem that reveals the psyche contradiction and revolution of the imagination world, where war has become peace and peace is nothing to feel. A Human can see the mind’s dualism and think; it can survive with the world with conflict mentality but still survive.


About the Author

Bidita Rahman

Bidita Rahman, Bilingual Author, Poet, Scholar, and Analyst. She has been practicing writing last fifteen years. She is writing poetry to make people understand the way of thinking, understanding the unconscious and conscious level of motivation. In her writing, she always expresses a variety of inner well-being indications. She narrates a brunch of Bilingual languages and publishes poetry in different media. In her fifteen years of professional writing experiences in Bangladesh and United States Community Newspapers with Article and Research discussion, she discovers the psyche pattern in humans is astonishing. The human mind is the most mysterious world where people intermingle with complex and simple mechanisms. Bidita Rahman is a Doctoral Student of Instructional Leadership and Research at St. John’s University, New York. She is recognized as a Scientific Poet and Writer from The Gemini Magazine, New York, for her distinguished contribution to the field in 2017. She is Achieved New York City Council Citation Honoree Award as a Community Writer from the council of New York, 2018. She has achieved NRB Writer Award as a Best Community Contribution Writer from the North American Bangladeshi Community in New York City, 2018. Please visit Author Website online

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