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This is the first book to argue for the study of classical divinity in biological terms. Introducing the H bond theory, this book will make you wonder whether cancer may be a condition of hydrogen bond deficiency, how intracellular communication might be affected not only by environmental radiation but also by subatomic radiation, and when the promising experimental results of so-called alternative medicine will be factored into our national health insurance models. Using grade school science, the H bond theory produces logical arguments for policy reform that are compatible with every religion on the planet. This book will make you believe in love.


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"...we, or any theoretical scientists, may be more comfortable discussing the concept of little green men than discussing the concept of is beginning to feel like childish arrogance to believe in alien demigods but not a single god, only to look for entertaining challengers, for peers instead of parents..."


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M. Bennett

M. Bennett is the founder of Fitness for Foodies.Org, a bipartisan think tank for healthcare reform.

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