Challenging the Calorie Theory

Why and How Our Culinary Community Can Heal Us

by M. Bennett


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The Calorie theory was conceived almost two hundred years ago.

Calories were invented when engineers sought to design better locomotives and adopted while citizens were at risk of starvation due to famine, depression, and two world wars. Since Americans are now more likely to die of obesity, it is time to consider new bioenergetic models. This groundbreaking book:

-Explains culinary trends in a new language for fitness enthusiasts
-Provides graphs and charts for easy reference
-Offers a new scale of nutritional measurement for policy makers, clinical dietitians, even school administrators
-Proves consistent with both holistic methods and modern medical research
-And motivates chefs to assume their rightful place in line for future federal investments, as food science gradually becomes preventative healthcare


About the Author

M. Bennett

M. Bennett is an ecophilosopher, former dancer, and veteran of the fine dining industry. Comment with #CTCT @ CalorieTheory

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