Cool Breeze

by Ganelle Gaddy Sutton


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The idea of growing up in poverty produces thoughts of lack, loneliness, and low-income housing. Crime is usually the result in this equation. But the ghetto is more than the sum of its drug dealers, gangs, and drive-by shootings. For these young people, it’s home. This is the story of two sisters growing up on “The Avenues,” a series of streets in one of the city’s toughest neighborhoods, and how they survived what could have been a fatal night. Crack open this tale of what life is really like in the ghetto and how these young people survive.


Book Excerpt

The exposition: "She sat there on the stoop where all of the neighborhood kids gathered to wait for the bus. After all, her mother was the Candy Lady. It seemed very strange too. The Avenues was a neighborhood full of drug houses, broken beer bottles, debris strewn throughout the streets and loud music penetrating the air. But her house was like an oasis in the middle of the desert. For some, even a safe haven. It was the house that took you away from the ghetto without you going anywhere."...


About the Author

Ganelle Gaddy Sutton

Ganelle Gaddy Sutton is a native of New Bern, NC. The daughter of a single mom who was also an evangelist and church musician, she reports to have spent half of her life in church, where she received her foundational values, and the other half of her life in the ‘hood,’ where she met the characters who inspire her stories. Ganelle is a full-time public school English teacher, free-lance editor and founder/writing instructor for the Young Authors’ Club, a creative writing camp established in 2008. She lives in Elizabeth City, NC with her husband Abel, and three children, Abel, Micah and Eden.

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