Double Dutch

by Ganelle Gaddy Sutton


Book Details

"Mind on the rhythm. Wind in her hair. Ropes swinging high, gracing the air."

Ganelle has never played Double Dutch a day in her life. She has only watched the high school girls jump, and they seemed to do it effortlessly. But in order to get her biggest bullies off of her back, she has no other choice but to learn how to jump and take them up on their challenge. This just might be the most dramatic Double Dutch competition "The Avenues" has ever seen!


About the Author

Ganelle Gaddy Sutton

Ganelle Gaddy Sutton is a native of New Bern, NC. The daughter of a single mother and church musician, their socio-economic status never afforded them a house beyond “the ghetto,” a place Ganelle will always call home. This is where she learned friendship and resilience; and also where she met the dynamic characters who inspire her stories. Ganelle is a full-time public school English teacher, free-lance editor, and founder/writing instructor for the Young Authors’ Club, a creative writing summer camp established in 2008 to inspire youth to fall in love with the art of writing and sharing stories. She lives on an old apple orchard in North Carolina with her husband Abel, and four children, Abel, Micah, Eden and Lily.

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