Romancing Midnight

A Collection of Short Stories

by Estela Vazquez Perez


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Romancing Midnight

Their celebrated music is a prayer for the disheartened.

Romancing Midnight Mariachi is an assembly of fourteen musicians whose passion has changed many lives.

Their harmony is known for orchestrating reunions.

The fourteen members’ respective day professions hold the key for those who seek out their songs.

Their legendary serenades, the last hope for the unaccompanied and brokenhearted, are sought out by those who believe in the magic of music.

These are some of Romancing Midnight Mariachi’s stories...


About the Author

Estela Vazquez Perez

Estela Vazquez Perez is an independent novelist who was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her talent is developing stories that span different genres and are infused with multiple sub-plots. She is an aspiring film maker, art lover, avid reader, traveler, and a lover of knowledge. She lives in San Francisco with her two beautiful children.

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