Becoming a Better Builder

Winning in Construction Management

by Stephen H. Dalton, AIA

Becoming a Better Builder

Becoming a Better Builder

Winning in Construction Management

by Stephen H. Dalton, AIA

Published Aug 16, 2020
104 Pages
Genre: TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING / Construction / General


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Learn to be a better builder with this straightforward, down-to-earth guide for anyone in the construction industry.

In his compelling book, Stephen H. Dalton, AIA, shares examples from his 45 years in the construction field to show that it is your personality and character that determine your success, not your education or standardized procedures taught in school.

Becoming a Better Builder is a must read for anyone in construction. Great real life examples of how to be a successful builder from a front row seat over Dalton’s long career.

~ Anthony Mannion, Senior Vice President, Lend Lease US Construction

Becoming a Better Builder brings years of wisdom and experience distilled in actionable advice for success in construction management. Excellent book for all looking to build their careers in today’s competitive world of construction.

~ Branka Minic, CEO, Building Talent Foundation

Becoming a Better Builder is a great, easy read for engineers, architects and construction managers. My experience working with Stephen Dalton showed how this advice worked in real time on very large complicated projects.

~ Chris Kearney, Vice President, Exp USA, MEP Engineers


About the Author

Stephen H. Dalton, AIA

Stephen H. Dalton is an architect, builder, and developer, having built $2 billion of complex projects over his 45-year career. Trained at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture and Planning, he ventured into construction at a young age and was head of two construction companies in New York City and Washington, DC. He now consults for real estate developers and clients on projects in the arts, hospitality, and commercial real estate.

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