Why I Like Dogs and Hate Everyone Else

by Charles Hastings


Book Details

For Everyone Who Finds Most People Annoying

A funny, sarcastic autobiography for those of us who find most people annoying. This book follows the life of Charles Hastings and his discovery of how he learned to hate everyone but love his dogs. “I didn’t always hate everyone, it was an acquired taste.” says Charles. “But I did always like dogs. From age five I just felt dogs were the coolest friends ever. Much more faithful and reliable than people. I knew it instinctively.” “As for hating everyone, I actually started as a tabula rasa with the same chance as everyone else to like people. Maybe the genes were there to hate everyone, but they weren’t developed yet. I can actually remember at age seven looking at my next-door neighbors and thinking ‘I hate these people’”.


About the Author

Charles Hastings

The son of writers, Charles Hastings has developed his sarcastic and cynical view of life by observing annoying people over the years. This is his first book and he is busy writing more stories to keep everyone laughing and feeling like they’re not alone in their view of the world. He lives between Lucca, Italy and Miami with his wife and two dogs.

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