A Message of Hope! Second Edition

by Robert James Karpie



A Message of Hope! Second Edition

by Robert James Karpie

Published May 08, 2014
238 Pages
Genre: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Ethics & Morals


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B4HEART – Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together!

In a world fraught with uncertainty, we are plagued by many absurd man-made social epidemics in our country as violence still continues to destroy our society as does illegal drugs. In fact, random acts of mass shootings / massacres seem to be escalating as Guns get blamed and our Second Amendment is in jeopardy? Ironically our Civil Rights seem to be disappearing one right after another — slowly but surely in the name of National Security?

Incidentally, mankind’s God given unalienable Human Rights are abused worldwide and have been throughout history as we know it? Why? Ultimately, life is complicated by logic as consequences.

Unfortunately, shit happens and will continue to happen as long as we allow it to happen. On one hand, I am pleased to see that our nation has finally taken steps to address and deal with the horrific act of Childhood Bullying. After all, it is our profound duty to protect our children from mental, physical and emotional harm, as well as to teach them about Ethics / Morals, Family Values, Humanity, our Environment, and the difference between their Civil Rights and their natural, fundamental, universal God given Human Rights.

On the other hand, we still Live— in Denial as the Powers that Be— Bully us— We the People? Ultimately, we are literally at a Crossroads and the Choice is ours; Freedom or Economic Bondage as Military Oversight and Surveillance via a Police State?

Wake up! America belongs to us — We the People! It is our Prerogative, a Privilege and Our Obligation as Due Diligence to be Alert, Scrutinize, Question Authority, Object and Demand Answers. Demand Accountability! It is our Sacred Civic Duty, Conflict Resolution— before the shit hits the fan and we get blasted. Make no mistake about it; you better BELIEVE, it can happen and will happen if we let it!

Yes we have a seriously enormous problem in regards to our National Debt. But, how did we inherit this liability? Who or what caused it? How can we fix what caused it in the first place? That’s what we have to address!

Our children are our greatest resource as they are our future but, if we don’t act now; they won’t have any future worth pursuing. It is time to get in the game of our daily lives and do something about the scumbags and the system which they created to mess with and ultimately— Fuck Up our Living.

It is Time to CARE and, the first step is to get Your Head out of DENIAL. We MUST All— PARTICIPATE— TOGETHER to MAKE— a DIFFERENCE. PARTICIPATE— TOGETHER to MAKE—a DIFFERENCE. Ironically, Truth is akin to Cool as both are Repulsive to the Un. But, when Ignorance is—Ignored; Stupidity is— Justified!

Don’t underestimate the element of ‘SURPRISE’. Never underestimate the Spirit of Humanity!


Book Excerpt

"Surprise will challenge kids to step forward and make a difference. This soon-to-be spiritual classic should not be missed. " ... Outskirts Press, Inc.

In a world full of turmoil, our children are being cheated, not to mention, mentally, physically and sexually abused? Confronted with WW III, nuclear annihilation and massacres in our schools, coping is but a struggle; on a daily basis. Is it any wonder then; a state of denial? Are our children not being desensitized by violence, numbed as a way of coping by accepting violence itself as routine? What's happening to our social and family values? What about good old fashion Fun --- Nature, fishing, horsing around and worms?

Did you ever see a worm after a heavy rain --- crawling, helplessly lost on a long wet sidewalk; knowing, just waiting --- anticipating, being baked --- alive by our hot sun? Did you ever stop and help at least --- one ; intervention? Try it, you might get a surprise. Maybe he’ll poop in your hand for Luck --- OOPS, brew-ha-ha --- Oouey Gooey!

This book carries a message of hope as it presents an opportunity with interactive substance, to make a difference; if you are willing to accept the challenge. It is both captivating and compelling as it demonstrates family and social values, little lessons in life. ‘Surprise’, will move and inspire both child and parent as it entertains the simple joys of life --- Fun, Nature --- fishing, horsing around and worms; which leads to the ultimate surprise as Oouey prepares to make the world a better place for all to live in! B4HEART --- Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together! Check it out at

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About the Author

Robert James Karpie

Robert James Karpie is the author of Social Security, Immaculate Deception— A National Disgrace! This book, ‘SURPRISE’, is but a fantastic journey from dream to inception, with persistence, faith and gosh darn guts! Bob is also a U. S. Marine and has been married to his lovely wife Susan for over forty years. They have two daughters and seven grandchildren! Bob was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. He worked for the Buffalo Board of Education for twenty-three years as a computer operator at city hall. At present, Bob owns both B4HEART Publishing and

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