Taboo - Logical Deception

The Unfortunate Art of Undermining One's Self-Manifestation as WE are Born to Ascend

by Robert James Karpie

Taboo - Logical Deception

Taboo - Logical Deception

The Unfortunate Art of Undermining One's Self-Manifestation as WE are Born to Ascend

by Robert James Karpie

Published Oct 17, 2020
218 Pages
Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Mindfulness & Meditation


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Taboo is the ‘Great Awakening’... Imagination Defies Logic. Manifestation is the Secret, to Control Your Own Destiny.

Synopsis of ‘Taboo, Logical Deception’

Taboo Is The ‘Great Awakening’

Contemporary Man Believes in Logic, questions his Faith and can’t Fathom or Perceive Miracles; It’s time for a Reality Check? Wake up!  Societies must Maintain, Law and Order. Obligations and Consequences are Vital. ‘Will-Power’ is Sacred. Faith is Divine. Together, they are Life Changing.

Be A Ware of Logical Deception as it is TABOO.
Unfortunately, Inner Chaos is Natural? Fears, Doubt and Curiosity are Normal. It All Starts in your Mind. Life is a matter of Political Evolution, as Everything is Inter-Connected. Systematically, Organized Chaos is Man-made as are; Governments and Corruption.

Organized Ignorance is also TABOO! It Deceives Humanity!
It is an Evil Tool used to indoctrinate our children; by dumbing them down and thus conforming to a desired Belief System. It is Brain washing, via lies.

Ironically EVIL is LIVE, spelled Backwards. Unfortunately, man has a habit of Wrong Living, as Devil is; Lived spelled Backwards. Go Figure! Society is in a Spiritual War? Mankind is Guilty of Ignorance. But when Ignorance is Ignored, Stupidity is Justified!

Ultimately, we are Here to Bring Joy to the World; as Peace on Earth. You have to Re-Think your Mind-Set. Psychoanalyze Yourself. “Self
-manifestation allows you to trust that the universe will provide exactly what you need at exactly the right moment.” Thoughts Become Reality; from Irrelevant to Essential; Destiny Still, Awaits Your Command.

You Manifest Your Own Destiny. Ironically, both Ordinary and Extraordinary; are mere Options. Happiness is Paramount. Ego, does Exits? Be A Ware of Egos. Egos are Compulsive. Learn to Tame your Ego. Influence is a Sacred Choice. An Iron Will, Does Not Compromise with Evil.Greed and Corruption are Unconscionable!
Mankind must ‘Be-A-Ware’ of his Egotistical Appetite as Greed is TOXIC. Naturally, Egos’ are susceptible to Greed and thereby, ‘Egomania’ is Shocking; when it leads to Greedy; Hectic-In-Humane Behavior. Unfortunately, we get Obsessed with Possessions. Politicians get Obsessed and Possessed with Power and Control of Others? But Politicians are Not Above the Law!

Never Underestimate the Power of Your Imagination. You were born with all the tools to Thrive. Trust Your Intuition. Master Your-Mind-Set, Control Your Emotions. Let Your Conscience be Your Guide. Love is Essential. Confession and Forgiveness are Divine Gifts.  Imagination, Defies Logic. Manifestation is The Secret, to Control Your Own Destiny. BELIEVE! Follow Your Dream. Shine On... Glory Be when--- We All Embellish; Joy to the World as Peace on Earth and Mankind, Reflects LOVE… God Bless America! United We Stand, Divided We--???? America was founded as One Nation Under God.


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Taboo Is The ‘Great Awakening’

Ironically, Dying is the Central Fact of Life? Enjoy it, While You Can. You are Living on God’s Time. Unfortunately, sometimes; Shit Happens and it Can Be Over-whelming. Have Faith, Believe. Grace Happens Too! Life is a Miracle! The Process is a Never-Ending Mystery. The Truth Shall Set You Free! Amen...

Humans are unique and peculiar as each of us, has Reason and Free Will; of our own. Consequently, Reasons are too many, as they collide in confusion--- competing with each other. Thus, Life has become, a War Zone. Unfortunately, we shield our thoughts as valuable, a personal perspective that is worth fighting for. No two people think, perceive, or believe, exactly the same. And that is a recipe for conflict, chaos or war; as interests, values and beliefs vary. Interpretation is subject to Clarification as Understanding is Vital.

Ultimately, Life is like an ‘Optical Illusion’, as Reality is Distorted, because we Create Our Own Reality. Blessed is he who can See Clearly; without obstacles--- ‘Obstacle Illusion’ is Taboo, it is a No-No. Organized Ignorance is also TABOO! It is EVIL. EVIL is Taboo!  Imagine If there was No Confusion--- Taboo! No Delusions--- Taboo! No Logical Deception--- Taboo! No Organized Ignorance--- Taboo! They are all NO-NO’s.

Ironically, to be conceited requires a fault. Therefor People are Guilty by default as Nobody is Perfect. Unfortunately, Humanity is Disconnected? Forgive Yourself, You’re only Human. Forgive Others, You Will Feel Better. Focus Within. Think, Egos are Compulsive? There is a lot of Sin and a little Saint in All of us. Some more than others. There is so much Good in this World. Make it Better as Positive Change! B4HEART --- Humanity Envisioned And Realized Together! Embrace the Vision... Amen! 

“If a man does not keep pace with his companions       perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.       Let him step to the music which he hears,       however; measured or far away.”
--- Henry David Thoreau       


About the Author

Robert James Karpie

I am an American. I am a Patriot, an Author and a U.S. Marine. I believe in the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and I am Grateful to those who Sacrificed Their Lives so that We Can be FREE in this Country. I have studied the Revolutionary War and its reasons but unfortunately, we are not taught the real reason that our forefathers decided to fight that war. I took an oath when I enlisted in the U.S.M.C. in 1973, to “uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, against All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic.”

I too take that oath seriously. And I am trying to Honor that oath by Waking Up— my fellow American Patriots! ‘I’m not going to stand still while the Congress or Executive Branches make unconstitutional laws aimed at disarming me, my family, friends or Americans, nor while they try to slam the door on Freedom of Speech for the people of this country, the Press (which includes bloggers). There is no inherent right to any one group to be able to “have their say” above all others. 

‘I am not “anti-government” (I’m anti-BIG-government, I’ve got no problem with the government, I do however take issue with those running it with their own agendas).’ I detest corrupt politicians as the corporate lobbyists are destroying America. 

Bob is a retired Marine and has been married for forty-seven Years to Susan. He authored three other books: Surprise, Social Security and Surprise Vol.2.
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