The 7th Man -- Part 2

An Urban Horror

by Marcus T. Jones


Book Details

A Dark Evil Meets the Hard Streets

Rookie detective Anthony Bryant and his veteran partner detective Fred Wilson are investigating a rash of massacres that is plaguing the city of Augusta. The bodies of drug dealers, thugs, the innocent and even officers are turning up mutilated and mangled by a weapon not of man. There are no clues, no evidence and nothing normal nor tangible, to make sense of it, the detectives are baffled. However, the young detective discovers the truth and finds that his first case may not only be his strangest case but maybe his last. Six misguided youths have conjured up a demon that they control in their sleep to rob local drug dealers, a crime that detectives are not trained for. Detective Bryant has his suspects but nothing physical to connect the six youths to the slaughters. Then through their greed and recklessness they unleash the hellish creature upon the world and now detective Bryant has to aid them in destroying it before it destroys humankind. Will they prevail, let's hope so for the sake of humanity.


Book Excerpt

It was 1:12 a.m. and William and Peaches had been on their second round of their five-day cocaine binge, only pausing for four hours on the third day to eat only a slice and a half of a supreme pizza from Pizza Hut. The room was cluttered with cut straws, Corona bottles, Kleenex boxes, and the trashcan filled to capacity with bald up Kleenexes that were used to clear their nasal passages, when they became too congested to snort the cocaine. William was preparing more lines while peaches cut up more straws as she lay in the bed only in her panties. She was fair skin with large pretty, light brown eyes, short shiny black hair, an attractive twenty-two year old black female that was slowly losing her beauty due to the street and drug life. Her breast was a full B size with nickel size tan areolas and dark caramel nipples, her body bared only one scare a five-year-old caesarian section from the birth of her son that she puts off on her mother to take care of. A few marks and cuts on her face from fights and beatings but not enough to obscure her rugged and fading beauty. William snorted two lines, one in each nostril then passed the hand mirror to Peaches who did the same. He then snorted two more lines then passed the mirror back to Peaches. She snorted one huge line then climbed on top of William sitting on his thighs, then pulled out his manhood through his boxer hole. She sat the mirror on his stomach, scooped up some cocaine with her straw and placed it on his tip. She then snorted it off and immediately placed him in her mouth and began. She sucked and slurped with strength as if she was trying to force him to climax, her head bobbed up and down and from side to side wildly forcing Will’s eyes to roll back into his head from pleasure. After a couple of up and down motions she would go further down to his scrotum where she would suck and lick while still massaging his shaft, which was lubricated with a thick coat her saliva. She then performed one of Will’s personal favorites; she gripped his shaft at the base, pulled back and began her amazing technique of sucking while rotating her tongue around his head. She went on for about ten minutes and would have continued if William would not have stopped and told her. “Get on da floo’.” She laid on the carpeted floor on her back with her legs spread as wide as she could get them while spreading her vagina open with her fingers. William went to the mirror, licked his index finger, stuck it in the pile of powder then rubbed it into his tip. He then returned to her and assisted her with spreading her legs wider by grabbing each of her legs at the calves, he then rammed his manhood in her forcing her to yelp. “UUAAH!” He began pounding. “OH-OHH-OOH YEEESSS, OOHSH-SHIT beat this pussy up Big Will-BEAT IT UP!” She yelled in animalistic pleasure. Their sex was almost violent, ruff as William bit his bottom lip trying to pound as hard as he could. “Faster baby, OOOHH shit FASTER I’m ‘bout to CU- I’M, ‘bout to, CU-UU-UM!” She yelled louder, Will knew what she wanted him to do when she was climaxing. He took his left hand began squeezing her left breast hard while he placed his right hand around her throat and squeezed just enough. “OOHH here I CUUUUMMM!” Her body jerked as if she was having a seizure as a gush of warm fluid poured out of her while she moaned and her left leg shook in his hand. “HUUUUUMMMM!” William continued pounding. “OHHH SHIT, he grunted, here it is!” He pulled out his manhood and like a speeding projectile, his fluids shot out of him landing on her chest and neck. He collapsed on top of her both of them sweaty and breathing heavy. After five minutes of rest, they got up and took a quick shower then returned to their cocaine. After a couple of lines they returned to their heated and almost brutal escapade of sex, which lasted for hours between taking coke breaks, smoke breaks, and turning the air conditioner on and off. It continued until the sun rose and a little after, at about 10:23 a.m. William got dressed and went out for more cigarettes and to the Hotel’s office to pay for a few more nights, while he was gone Peaches prepared herself a large line almost five-inches long and as wide as her middle finger and snorted it hard. She stood up and squinted at the slightly pleasing pain, she cleared her throat as she felt and tasted ‘the drain’; when some of the cocaine drizzled down from her nasal cavity, to her throat , then to her esophagus. Her heartbeat sped up, pounding erratically in her chest, suddenly a pain bounced around her heart; she gripped the top of her breast and dropped to her knees. She then fell over onto her side squeezing her chest as if to keep her heart from bursting out; she rolled over onto her back and began convulsing. Her arms stretched out to her side, fingers folded, her legs also stretched out with her feet pointed and her toes bald up; her position similar to someone being electrocuted. Blood, mucus, and cocaine shot from her nostrils as she coughed and gagged on the vomit that erupted from her mouth. Only pieces of pizza came up along with green-yellowish liquid, bile. Blood mixed with the vomit as she involuntarily bit down on her tongue hard enough to nearly severing it. Finally, she defecated as her body began to stop moving and her heart ceased functioning. She lay on the floor only in her red thongs lifeless, a mixture of mucus, blood and cocaine oozed from her nose while a mixture of blood and bile foamed from her mouth. Her eyes remained open revealing the pain of her overdose and the pain gathered from six years of addiction, tears overflowed from her blood-shot eyes. Her naked body surrounded by items of her demise; straws, beer cans and bottles, blood spotted tissues, and the mirror on the bed still covered with eight and a half grams of destruction. William entered the room. “They ain’t have no Cadillac’s so I had to get shorts, hell you’ll…OH SHIT!” Will yelled with his hands on his head. The panic felt like a possession, he froze but for only a few seconds before he slammed the door and ran to her side. “Peaches-Peaches wake up girl come on! Naw naw naw, man this shit ain’t happenin’!” The terror and panic that took over him traveled beyond light speed to Shawn that was eleven miles away cutting his mother’s grass. It first hit him as a sharp pain that traveled from the back of his head to the front, a pain so intense it dropped him to a knee, and then followed a vision, a scene. Shawn saw Peaches’ naked body lifeless in the hotel’s room. Seven miles away from Shawn, Kevin waited for his food in the Krystal’s dining room when he felt the sharp pain, watching through his cousin’s eyes, do something appalling even too him. Michael dropped a curl bar containing eighty pounds when the pain and vision hit him. Tracy was in his room getting dressed when it struck him. Larry sat on the passenger side of his mother’s car on the way to see the real estate agent when he was struck. William paced the room, trying to manifest a method to fix the situation. “Fuck! I need to clean this shit up!” He huffed as if he just ran a mile. He began scrambling, clumsy from cocaine, confusion, and fright. “Shit-shit-shit-shit! What I’m goin’ do-what I’m goin’ do! I can’t believe this girl done OD-ed on me. I told-‘er not to hit it too…Shit!” He felt it would be easier to pick up the small items first. He picked up straws, baggies that once contained grams of weed, straw paper, razor blades, and Kleenexes but for every three items he picked up, he would drop two. He thought he would have to pick up his heart being that it pounded so hard it felt that it wanted to jump out of his chest. “Calm down.” He heard his cousin’s voice in his head. William tried collecting himself by sitting on the bed. “Alright one thang at a time.” He told himself and began collecting trash, this time more successfully. He had to make nervous trips back and forth from the room to the large receptacle thirty-feet across the parking lot. Finally getting rid of all the trash he flushed the remaining cocaine on the mirror and returned to Peaches’ body. He ran over to the window, looked out at the parking lot, and noticed the space in front of his room door was vacant. He then ran outside to his Expedition, got in, and backed his SUV into the empty space. Back in the room, he snatched the white sheet off the bed and wrapped Peaches’ body up. He sweated and chewed on his tongue while his heart bounced around in his chest with no systematic beat process, pounding panicky powered by cocaine, fear, and confusion. His nose drizzled watery snot with a pinkish tint from blood as he dragged her body to the door, opened it, and peeped out. He watched as a couple got in and backed out of the lot in a Chrysler Sebring, he felt that the time was right. He picked up Peaches’ body and placed her over his right shoulder. He opened the door and pressed the unlock button on his key chain remote. He took another look, left, then right, after seeing no one he rushed to the back door of the Expedition, opened it, and placed her body on the floor then slammed the door. He jumped in the driver seat, buckled up, and drove as normal as he could, based on the circumstances. He had the air conditioner on its highest level but his skin still secreted sweat and alcohol from every pore. His ordeal partially killed his cocaine high but paranoia still consumed him, he felt as if neighboring motorist were staring at him as he sat in bumper-to-bumper noon lunch traffic. At a red light, a blue Grand Am pulled up on his right containing a Caucasian family of four which attention was caught by William’s twenty-four inch spinning rims. Will felt their stares like a hot lamp beaming on the right side of his face. He took a quick glance over at the Grand Am then snapped his head forward. “Shit.” He said through clenched teeth. To his left a gray Mustang convertible with the top down pulled up to the light containing four wild adolescent females in bathing suits on their way to a public pool. His fancy ride immediately caught their attention. They waved their arms and shouted to get his attention; he stared straight ahead only catching their action in his peripheral. “Oh shit, these whoes probably know. Just be cool Will.” He mumbled to himself. “What the fuck is he thankin’?” Will vaguely heard Shawn’s voice in his head. His heart raced, he sweated profusely, chewing on his tongue while his nose leaked like a broken faucet, he started to feel sick. “Come on light change!” Eight seconds later, it changed and he nearly screeched off leaving the Mustang and the Grand Am behind. “Where in the hell I’ma’ dump this girl?” He mumbled. “Where-where where?” A vision of a lake appeared in his mind, a thought sent to him by Kevin, Fort Gordon Lake. “Yea I can dump-‘er there.” Fort Gordon Lake was surrounded by woods and separated the Military installation from the Barton Village subdivision and though it was government property, it still did not detour the youths from swimming and fishing the lake. “Yea-yea that’s a good spot, I ain’t never heard of nobody finding a body out there. Yea that’s…OH SHIT!” William shouted as a wave of fear traveled through his body when he heard the sirens of an approaching police car behind him. “Damn the police! The mothafuckin’ police is behind me! Oh shit o-shit o-shit-o-shit!” The only thing he could think of as his panic increased as the police car approached in his rearview mirror. “Fuck it I’m runnin’, they just goin’ have to catch me!” “Wait cuz-o!” Kevin’s voice uttered clearer in his mind but William ignored the telepathic warning and was about to go heavy on the accelerator, when the black and silver pulled over in the oncoming lane and sped pass him. His relief was immeasurable, is heart slowed down only beating a little faster than normal. “Aw shit, he wasn’t even fa’ me I done pissed on myself fa’ no damn reason!” He entered the Barton Village subdivision and slowed to a cautious speed taking no chances with this neighborhood, knowing that the police patrolled out here regularly. He drove past all the young thugs, dealers, goons, and hustlers all of them he knew, but being that they had not seen his new ride yet they didn’t know it was him. He heard one of them shout out the common weed slogan. “I got that good.” He remained focused, sweating, and chewing while watching his front and his rearview mirror as he headed down the main street London Boulevard. About a quarter of a mile from the entrance he came to the end of the street, a court with a few Habitat for Humanity homes on his right, in his front was about five-feet of dirt and shrubs before becoming thick woods. He checked his rearview, sides, then accelerated into the woods. It had been years since he walked this route but the rugged trail conjured his memory of it. It was barley four-feet wide, full of bricks, roots, and erosion humps. Tree limbs scraped paint and scratched glass while rocks and erosion bumps beat up the altered suspension system he had to get to suit his custom rims. Peaches body thumped, knocked, and bounced around in the back. He approached a clearing, which sparked a thought, something about the clearing, his lingering coke buzz hindered him from remembering the clearing’s significance however, it made him cautious. “Shit I can’t remember…I better stop, don’t wanna get stuck back here.” Will hit the brakes three-feet away from a six-foot drop off, he cut off the engine and waited, biting his fingernails he scanned the woods for swimmers, fishers, or just curious and adventurous youths. “Damn I hope I-‘on’t walk up on some kids swimmin’, it’s ‘bout that time. Fuck it let me get this over wit’.” William got out after popping open the rear door, he hurried to Peaches’ sheet wrapped body, pulled her out, and carried her on his shoulder. “Oh shit, that’s what it was, I’m glad I stopped.” William said staring down a four foot drop, he then tossed the body down the drop off, jumped down, picked her back up and continued. He walked almost a quarter of a mile before he began to see the water’s surface peaking through the woods. “Please don’t let it be nobody down here.” He pleaded as he stepped over a vandalized ten-foot chain link fence. He remembered a sandy clearing about a hundred yards to his right and decided to go to his left where the woods faded into the lake, he walked to a desirable spot three-feet into the water, removed her from his shoulder, and was about to push her off until he had a thought. “I better burn this sheet.” He unwrapped her and shivered when she stared up at him. “I’m…”, he choked out then turned her face down in the water and pushed. He watched as she floated off. “I’m sorry Peaches.”


About the Author

Marcus T. Jones

Marcus T. Jones born in Augusta Georgia is an author with a raw, edgy, bold and uninhibited way of writing. His unorthodox imagination along with his life experiences both good and bad are the substance of his story telling. The 7th Man is an example of his mind that will breathe life into the genre of Urban Horror and shake up the literary world.

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