The 7th Man

An Urban Horror (Part one)

by Marcus T. Jones


Book Details

When a dark evil meets the hard streets.

In the streets money is god and people will do anything to get it; rob, steal, prostitution, sell drugs, and all the other criminal elements that pollute American ghettos and poverty-stricken communities. However, six youths will embark on something unusual and unknown to their world on their race to riches, instead of engaging in the normal criminal activity that go on in their ‘hood’ they turn to something strange to them, witchcraft. Follow Deshawn Jenkins as he and his five homeboys conjure up a demon that they control and use in their sleep to rob and kill top local drug dealers to fix their problems. To them it seems like the perfect crime but the consequences of their actions are due and time is running out, their recklessness releases the hellish being upon the Earth and is now responsible and obligated with destroying it. Will they prevail, let’s hope so, for the sake of human kind.


Book Excerpt

“It’s goin’ be a whole lot different tomorrow.” Shawn mumbled as he dozed off.“I hope so.” Kevin said as he continued to puff and ponder. He couldn’t wait to see the results if any from their conjuring ceremony. The blunt was now a five-centimeter roach that burned his fingertips. He put it out in a nearby ashtray, laid back down, and adjusted himself until he found a comfortable position. Vivid thoughts began running through his mind like highlighted scenes of a dramatic movie of his life. The first visual thought was of the money he saw in T-Money’s closet, he wondered how was on those selves and how good it would be to have it in his possession. The next thought was of T-Money closing the closet and smiling at him, which changed to T-Money giving his mother crack and watching her smoke it as he smiled back at him. The vision was so vivid that he could hear T-Money laughing and the sound of his mother inhaling the crack smoke, he could even smell the stench of it. He then quickly replaced the disturbing thoughts with a more pleasant memory, a memory of his brother in his late teens dribbling a basketball with Kevin when he was a small boy, but as quickly as it came to him, the memory disappeared. It was ended by a gunshot from the back of his brother’s head. T-Money stood over Markell’s body with a boastfully evil grin and a gun. Hatred bubbled in a drowsy Kevin and though he was now full of anger it didn’t stop sleep from taking him, the vision slowly faded to black, and as he dozed off he mumbled.

“I’m comin’ fa’ ya’.”

Then Blackness.

They opened their eyes in a cold and dark room, all of them aware but not seeing each other’s presence, unable to communicate. They also felt another’s presence, the room suddenly lit up in crimson then back to blackness. It flickered on and off with a second between each flicker. An image appeared on the opposite corner of the room, at first the dreamers couldn’t recognize the image but as the room continue to flash the image approached. The dreamers could see that it stood erect like a man, a huge man. As soon as they realize it wasn’t human, the creature stood six-inches from their faces.

A hideous beast that stood over nine feet with massive muscles under reptilian skin, huge hands that even with its huge body structure they seemed too large for normal. Each hand had six long fingers with the sixth digit at the base of its palm, similar to an eagle’s talon. Its back, arms, the back of its hand, and its head were lightly covered with a thick coarse dark brown hair, its feet matched his hands with the sixth digit opposing from its heels.

Its ears were wolf like, a black slimy nose like a gorilla’s and two five-inch black horns protruding from both sides of its forehead. Its eyes were symbols of pure evil, dark yellow with red veins running throughout them with white irises and cloudy crimson pupils. Its bottom jaw resembled a warthog’s with two four-inch fangs that were thick enough to be considered as tusk surrounded by two rows of two-inch sharp teeth. Its teeth were covered with a puss colored acidic slim with a black forked tongue the size of a serpent that was covered with razor sharp scales. The creature was truly hellish however, it only struck up a small insignificant amount of fear in them. It stood staring at the dreamers as if waiting for orders, breathing heavy, low but noticeable growls with each exhale.

The room began to spin then stopped abruptly and the dreamers were now looking from another perspective. They looked down at their feet and their feet were now the creature’s feet, their hands were the creature’s hands. The dreamers were now in the demon. A minute passed after the transformation the walls fell and they were now standing in the Southside housing projects. The beast stood on the sidewalk scanning its environment in search of something, someone. It fixed its eyes to its right on three thugs deep in a dice game about a hundred yards away. It made its way towards them and despite its massive size it moved with stealth like movement, quiet as a cockroach tiptoeing on carpet. It stood over them undetected.

“Watch this-watch this, watch this now!” One of the thugs said shaking the dice in his right hand. “Watch how I brake yall off. Huuah!” He uttered as he tossed the dice. “What dat is five! Okay five, the point is five right watch how I brang that five back on yall ass. Got-damn, J-dog you farted?” The dice roller asked with his face bald up not realizing the smell came from the hellish creature behind them.

“Hell naw I ain’t fart it’s dat nigga right there.” J-Dog protested pointing at the other thug kneeling next to him.

“Don’t try to put that shit on me J-Dog I claim my shit, I’m real wit’ mine.”

“Yea you’re real stank.” J-Dog said.

“Who ever let that loose need to be locked up, out here smellin’ like gorilla shit, let me roll this five.” He stood up and began shaking the dice. “Here we go, come on five wit’-cha’ fine ass, come fa’ daddy, I’m brakin’ both you clow…” There was an abrupt silence, J-Dog and his friend stared at the pile of money waiting for the dice to fall.

“Shoot the dice nigga.” J-Dog said impatiently, the dice fell one landed on four and the other on one. “Damn dat nigga won! Go ahead and talk shit man.” He said staring at the pile of money, soon after he finished his statement the dice roller’s body fell headless on top of the money.

“Oohh shhiiittt!” The two thugs shouted together as they stood to their feet. They were standing at the torso of a hideous creature.

“What da fuck is that!” J-Dog uttered in terror and disbelief, the two thugs could not fathom what stood in front of them: the size, the smell, its face, its eyes all its features froze them in fear until they saw their homeboy’s head in its hand, eyes staring at them. J-Dog grabbed the handle of his nine-millimeter but before he could draw it the creature let out a horrific sound, similar to a cough and a growl which it released a puss colored slimy substance onto J-Dogs neck and shoulders and immediately began eating away his flesh. His nine was forgotten he was now trying to wipe away the burning substance but only to melt away his hands as he tried, screaming in agony but only for a few seconds before the scream turned into a gargling as the acidic saliva ate through his neck and larynx. The other thug was paralyzed in terror as he watched his homeboy melt into a puddle of human soup. The creature stared at the terrified goon breathing its stomach-turning breath in his face, which snapped him out of his paralyzed state. He turned and ran but only for two feet, the beast threw the head into the back of his dropping him to the sidewalk. He moved slightly as he fought off unconsciousness, the creature approached and lift the thug slightly by his dreads then folded him anatomically incorrect, backwards in a way his shoulder were against his ankles. There was no more movement, the creature sniffed the air and its eyes fixed on T-Money’s door. It walked up the steps and with two massive kicks it took both doors off the hinges into the living room. The ruckus woke up T-Money and a girl that laid with him.

“What da fuck was that baby!” She uttered as she sat up. T-Money jumped out of bed, reached under it and pulled out two tech-nines with extended magazines.

“I ‘on’t know but they done kicked in da wrong mothafucka doo’. Who da fuck in my house!” He yelled with his guns aimed at his bedroom entrance. “Oh yea yall done picked the right mothafucka to fuck wit’! You fuckin’ wit’ a G!” He yelled as he approached his bedroom’s doorway leading to the hall. He stuck his barrels out and began firing as he moved into the hall. The array of bullets ripped up walls and furniture creating a cloud of debris that at first, camouflaged what he was shooting at but in the midst of his gunfire, he caught a glimpse of what it was. The glimpse of the creature shocked him into a cease-fire to make sure he saw what he thought he saw. “What da fuck is … That!” He began firing again and he realized that the bullet wasn’t penetrating the tough reptilian skin. He began backing up as it approached. What da fuck man! Shit! Die mothafucka die! Click-click-click-click. T-Money’s twin techs clattered empty, he ran back into his bedroom and slammed the door. He rushed to his closet and retrieved a double barrel shotgun. He cocked it, and aimed it at his door shivering from fear in his Gucci boxers like a cold infant with sweat running down his hairy flabby body. The girl sat up in the bed overwhelmed from the ringing in her ears from gunfire, in tears she held the burgundy silk cover against her naked chest, and trembled as she watched T-Money and the door.

“Who is it!” Her frantic voice trembled.

“‘On’t-‘on’t-‘on’t-‘on’t know!” T-Money said breathing hard.

“Wha-what chew mean you ‘on’t know, is it the police?”


“Is it some niggas?”


“We-well who da hell is it!”

“I ‘on’t know what da fuck it is!”


The door smashed open hanging on by the last bottom hinge, she screamed at the sight of what walked in, she rolled of the bed and bald up in the corner of the wall and the bed. T-Money began firing but just as the tech-nines, it had no affect on the beast, it backed him against a wall. T-Money realized it was over he had nothing to stop this thing, he tried swallowing his fear and show his toughness, his ‘G’.

“Fuck you…I’ma’ G! I’m a mothafuckin’ gangsta ‘til I die!” T-Money spat into the creatures face. It grabbed him by his throat completely wrapping its hands around the fatty neck and picked him up eye level, T-Money kicked franticly as he gagged. The creature returned the gesture and spat back in his face landing on T-Money’s nose and immediately began dissolving it. He kicked more violently and let out what would have been screams but were only grunts and groans being that the beast gripped his neck so tightly. However, the girl in the corner provided enough screams for the both of them. It stared into T-Money’s eyes as his life slowly slipped away, but then decided to change its method of kill. It took its left hand and grabbed T-Money’s left ankle and held him upside down. Soon after releasing his neck a violent cough followed by a gasp gave intro to a scream of pain and horror. “Ahhhhaaauuugghhhh!” The beast then took its right hand and grabbed T-Money’s right ankle and with one quick tug, the creature ripped him in half down his middle like a wishbone. Guts spilled out onto the floor and blood flew decorating the walls, the creature stared in satisfaction at the piles of entrails on the floor while still holding both halves of his victim. It then looked at the girl that was now spotted with T-Money’s body fluids. She was in so much shock that all she could do was tremble, whimper, and stare off into space with a dead look in her eyes. Her arms were now down by her sides being that the shock had killed all the thoughts of defense and self preservation, her caramel colored supple C-cup breast were exposed and glistening with sweat and blood sprinkles that ran down her chest and dripped from her breast. The creature looked over at her then dropped the human halves and made its way around the bed to her. It knelt down then sniffed her, it stuck out its sixteen-inch tongue and it moved and swayed before her as if it had thoughts of its own. The beast then licked her up from her left breast to her chin ripping off flesh in the process with its razor sharp scales on its tongue, easily shaving and plowing through skin and muscle tissue. She did have time to scream before her jugular vein was ripped.

Satisfied with its kills the creature headed to the hallway to the closet door at the end. It opened it and stared at the stacks of money and two black trash bags of marijuana. It began stuffing the stacks of money and bricks of marijuana into the bags until it cleared the entire closet of drugs and money. The beast held the bags in each hand as it left the scene of carnage and disappeared into the night’s darkness.


About the Author

Marcus T. Jones

Marcus T. Jones born in Augusta Georgia is a father, husband, son, and dreamer with an open and imaginative mind that always felt out of place. Over forty jobs and occupations he never seemed to find where he belonged, until 2004 when his struggles and trials of life and journey to manhood inspired him to write his first novel (The 7th Man). His life experiences both positive and negative along with his unorthodox imagination, and twisted thought process is the substance of his storytelling. His raw, edgy, bold, and uninhibited way of writing is sure to breathe life into the genre of urban horror and shake up the literary world.


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