Z1N1: The Zombie Pandemic

2012 Was Just the Beginning

by Mitchell Layne Cook


Book Details

Zombies and 2012 all in one book!

As humankind races headlong towards possibly the most infamous date in recent history, a resurgence of the H1N1 flu virus begins to take a foothold around the world.

Government agencies form partnerships with the private sector to begin mass production of the life-saving vaccines.

However, something strange begins to happen to the people that were vaccinated around the winter solstice of 2012.

The treated individuals do not get any better. In fact, they begin dying in massive numbers...only to return as the living dead!


Book Excerpt

Earlier in the evening, Kara Mayer had positioned herself in the hayloft on the second floor of the cranky old barn. She hid just out of sight from any unwanted onlookers; however, she had a clear view of the entire field below her. For more than an hour, she had sat in the same uncomfortable position watching for trouble. As she stood up to stretch her complaining legs, she saw the first sign of movement on the edges of the old man’s property. What she saw wasn’t new to her; she quickly knelt down behind the bales of hay for cover as she steadied her weapon.

“We’ve got incoming!” Kara yelled as the sound of her high-caliber rifle fire fractured the nighttime silence.

An obese, lustrous moon hovered silently in the starless sky. With its theater-like spotlight, the celestial body illuminated the somber world below. The frigid November night reluctantly shared its morbid secret; ten shambling horrors marched erratically towards the barn. Their moans and scraping feet in the leaves sent a chill down Kara’s spine. The creatures moved in awkward unison and soon clawed their way through the old wooden fence on the very edges of the farm. She knew it was only a matter of moments before the undead reached her position.


About the Author

Mitchell Layne Cook

Mitch currently lives in Arkansas. In mid-2009, he became a labor office statistic - along with millions of others - as he was laid off from his job of over a decade. With ample "free" time on his hands for the last half of 2009, Mitch began writing his first novel about how he imagined the zombie apocalypse would begin.