You Can Be Free From Your SELF

The Grace of Soul Transformation

by David Alsobrook


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Do You Want God to Change You?

David Alsobrook experienced a dynamic, life changing experience. It was a total transformation of his soul and has resulted in permanent peace within. His intimacy with God has deepened dramatically as a result of soul transformation and desires this same grace to be experienced in your life.

Do you want deeper peace?

Do you want a mind free from care?

Do you desire to be free from inner turmoil, frustration, and confusion?

This book tells you how you can receive these blessings from the Lord through deep inward change in your soul.


About the Author

David Alsobrook

David Alsobrook has been involved in extensive traveling ministry for 40 years and has written more than 45 books that have gone into 50 countries and numerous languages. He resides in Nashville, Tennessee and is founder of Sure Word Ministries.