Galactic Conquest

by William J.


Book Details

Can the Tyrants of the Galaxy Be Overthrown?

Three ambitious and self-serving individuals known as the Chalice of Power control every aspect of the galaxy—religion, finances, medicines, food and water, and every essential resource—and therefore they control every single person’s happiness and misery. They pit worlds against one another like pawns in a game. Billions suffer and die for their amusement. Yet despite their massive power and influence, most of the galaxy is unaware of their existence, as the Chalice operates in the shadows. Xentar is one of the few that knows the truth and is the only one that can stop them. Doing so requires him to sacrifice his body, career, and life, and head out to the unknown reaches of the galaxy to start his conquest. He is faced with immediate setbacks and only his unique physical abilities and intellect allow him to continue. Just when it appears that he is on the verge of achieving his goal, he crosses paths with a runaway assassin, a marooned boy, and a brilliant pilot whose destinies intertwine. Will they destroy everything Xentar has worked so hard to create? This sweeping epic with gloriously created worlds, richly detailed characters, and a roller-coaster plot will keep you on the edge of your seat . . . and waiting for a sequel!


About the Author

William J.

William J Martin is a mechanical engineer by trade. He’s married with three kids and lives in northern Virginia. In his younger days he served in Navy intelligence where he roamed the halls of CIA headquarters in Langley, the Pentagon, and the Defense Intelligence Agency